The Countenance of Athaliah

Queen of Judah from 842-836 BC

Obsidian black hair flowing in the desert wind.
A more beautiful Queen never has been.
Unto this day her countenance be told.
The fire of her eyes flash the color of gold.

Almond eyes of azure in Oriental angles.
Black curls kiss her cheeks with tangles
Her nose chiseled from gypsum alabaster.
High cheek bones formed from ancient stone masters.

Her smile a flash of ivory scimitars.
To those lucky enough to see her afar.
Her thin red lips purse her bewtiching smile.
As her flashing sapphire eyes reach through the miles.

Through the eons of time I see her.
The Queen of eternity-of Queens that were.
Ambulatory elegance of a desert Zephyr.
Her Queen’s raiment’s trail from her.

Rare stones and bands of gold.
Adorn her thin fingers ten fold.
A necklace of lion’s teeth, and catseyes.
Around her long neck lies.

Her crown a flamed halo of diamonds.
Built from solid gold animal bones.
Two cubits in height a half cubit wide.
Rubies and sapphires flowing wings aside.

She glides across the court yard in four strides.
She stands four cubits high on each side.
She smells of ancient oils and desert sands.
This dark Queen from a hot dark land.

Her heart as black as the darkest nights.
Her resolve the tales of Biblical might.
She weaves her magic across immemorial time.
Her images to me appear and sublime.

She’s smiling at me this ancient queen.
Her sapphire eyes with mesmerizing sheen.
They tilt at me with her smile.
Her lips purse the flowing Nile.

An ancient enchantress survived time’s line.
She’s in my mind till the end of time.
I will not forget this dark queen of old.
I’m honored her story to you I’ve told.

Dave Proffitt

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