Athaliah Returns

I can hear her whispering in my mind.
This vixen queen from an ancient time.
“David my twenty-first century man.”
“No one loves me throughout this land.”

“My heart bleeds for thee.”
Wouldst thou not love me?”
Poignant pleadings from a loveless queen.
This exchange time is not between.

This sorceress queen weaves her magic unto me.
Her ministries unto my heart her key.
To my love for her.
To times that are and times that were.

I can feel myself slipping away.
I lose a little more each day.
“An audience I ask of thee”.
She asks of me.

She handles me so gently.
From women of my time incidentally.
“Athaliah an audience I grant to thee.”
“Your presence most welcome unto me.”

“I have thought of thee since our last time.”
Her memory appears and sublimes in my mind.
“David thy thoughts make me smile”
“I feel ye art a man of no guile.”

Rolling thunder in the distance I hear.
“I am coming to thee have no fear”
Lightening illuminates the sky.
Her face fleeting on storm clouds high.

A swirling purple haze
Upon my living room lays.
Her scent intimate on purple mist.
This queen’s perfume I am unable to resist.

This beautiful queen in my living room appears.
Her wondrous sapphire eyes afloat in a sea of tears.
“Oh David I fear that no one loves me but thee.”
Her diamond tears down her noble cheeks flee.

I touch her face with my hand.
Her tears upon my hand now stand.
I touch her tears to my lips.
She replaces them with her fingertips.

Her fingers smell of sea breezes and myrrh.
My caress makes her heart stir.
Her fingers tipped with black onyx nails.
They taste of sadness and of wails.

I can feel her heart heavy upon my soul.
I feel something terrible has taken its toll.
Upon this queen’s ravaged heart.
I surrender my heart to her some part.

I feel the storm within her lift.
Love heals her wounded heart’s rift.
“You have given me such a precious gift.”
“In your love I am adrift.”

Her blue eyes of tears have dried.
Tiny crow’s feet at the corners of her eyes.
A testament to her soul’s trials.
To find love and peace has cried.

“Athaliah my queen what am I to do with thee?”
“David my twenty first century man just love me.”
“Fear thee not you have my love forever more.”
“May I kiss thee?” of me she implores.

Her thin red lips upon mine I feel.
Her touch makes my spirit reel.
She intoxicates me beyond all measure.
Her touch beyond all pleasure.

She laughs “My dear man I feel you are in love with me.”
Her sapphire eyes raining tears I see.
She cries for belonging and relief
She cries for love and belief.

Her tears fall lightly upon my face.
Of grace and beauty they taste.
I am grateful for this moment in time.
To hold this woman- her heart realigns.

A wondrous beauty from the past.
In her own time from her people outcast.
My love for her stands fast.
My love for her will outlast.

The Pyramids and the Sphinx
Her past to my time is linked.
I can feel the warmth in her soul.
My love into her heart is starting to flow.

She is shaking and she trembles
Her heart and face now resemble
A woman with a new lease.
A woman now at peace.

“Thank you my love” her tilting eyes.
Caressing her breathy sighs.
I kiss her thin red lips
She’s trembling and crying.

“Love me David” she is sighing.
“For my heart to thee is trying”
“To stay in this time with thee.”
“Within you and within me.”

“They call me back! “ She pleas.
“Keep me David!” “Let me stay with thee!”
“Unto what makes thee stay?”
“Your love for me to the stars you must say.”

“I beseech the stars and heaven above”
“This is Athaliah the woman I love!~”
“Let her stay with me till the end of time.”
And the thunderheads into the sky did climb.

And the lightening flashed purple litten
And the storm clouds within it were smitten
And a voice came out of the storm saying.
“Athaliah if thou loves this man”

“Then I will forgive thee”.
Thou must love only him and Me.”
“Make no graven idols or images before thee.”
And you will stay with him forever more.”

And Athaliah was on her knees weeping.
For these were tears of joy seeping.
Into the floor of my living room.
This ancient queen now safe from her doom.

And the multitudes of Judah did ponder.
Where their queen did wander.
A question beyond small minds.
A question for all time.

And I did love Athaliah till the end of days.
And this love was legendary or so the legend says.
To be with her -To love her.
To hold her forevermore.

Dave Proffitt
2:35 AM

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