Is It Any Wonder?

Today I decided to eat a hamburger in town. I don’t eat these things often maybe one every three to four months. Fast food type burgers I’m referring too. Anyhow I pulled over in the parking lot and began munching away. I also don’t usually listen to the radio much these days. Oregon, in my humble opinion, doesn’t have any really good radio stations that play the kind of rock and blues music I like. However I finally fumbled around and found an old station I used to listen to a long time ago. KINK. 101.9 on the FM dial. I used to listen to it a long time ago, back during the hippie days. It played the most hard-core, psychedelic music on the air on those days. Then something got hold of KINK and it went down the toilet to corporate America, is my only guess. The music it was playing right up until just a little while ago was so offensive to me I’d rather be handcuffed to a chair and forced to listen to rap all day. This stuff was so geared for yuppies it made me ill just listening to it. Add to that some of the DJ’s they had peddling this garbage and I avoided it like the plague. Before I found KINK today I was listening to another station I don’t even know what it was KXL perhaps. Anyway they started off with a commercial. It went on for the entire half an hour I sat there eating my hamburger. One commercial after the next. Some I heard more than once. A solid thirty minutes of one ad after another. In my opinion, and if I were paying for advertising on that station I’d be pissed off. Why? Well most people I know wouldn’t sit there and listen to that tirade of commercial garbage and the ramblings of some auctioneer speaking moron insulting everyone’s intelligence with their spun non-sense. Who would sit there and wade thru half an hour’s worth of bullshit to hear any commercial? No one would. So the poor persons who are advertising and happen to get their ad aired last probably aren’t reaching their target audiences.

Is it any wonder people change the channel? Nope. Not rocket science at all. A friend of mine sent me an email and she told me it made her sad. It was someone’s opinion of where network television and radio and some other iconic institutions are all headed and that is oblivion. This email said that with the advent of streaming video into people’s televisions that more and more folks are watching Netflix and similar companies that offer streaming video. I know I do. Is it any wonder? Nope, why would you not want to watch a program all the way thru without half a dozen moronic commercials thrown at you. Why would you not want to ignore this crap?  If you get out your stop watch and time how much of your favorite program you get to see in one stint VS how long you have to endure commercials it will amaze you. I think I tried this one time and it went something like 5 minutes of programming and 10 minutes of commercials. No I don’t like to hear about women’s freshness and hygiene products, watch this burned out, grizzled old piece of trash dude sitting with a couple of good-looking women and having some idiot tell me he’s the most interesting man in the world. If he is, we’re all really in trouble. Nothing this shit head could say would interest me in the least. Is it any wonder network television may be going the way of the passenger pigeon?  If you own a radio station or a TV station, are an operations person, then listen or watch your station and wake up. If you don’t then you deserve to be phased out. End of story.

I’m happy to announce that listening to KINK radio on the way home was a pleasant experience and I’m truly glad they are back to playing Santana, Clash, and some other rock and roll that was worth listening to. Someone woke up. Way to go KINK.  Thank the Lord there is still common sense and some intelligence left on planet earth.


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