Yellow Gates

I went up to the Welches Thriftway last night. A park ranger pulled in beside my car. Make a long story a little shorter, he came out of the store the same time as I. I asked him about all the closed roads up here and in the Mt Hood National Forest. He told me it was because of people dumping trash up on these roads, the vandalism, parties etc. Looking back on this I don’t ever remember this sort of stuff being a problem. I’m wondering what lines of code got corrupted or left out of people’s behavioral programming today?  People dumping their trash up in the woods is terrible. What’s so hard about going to the landfill in Sandy? Sure it might cost you twelve bucks for a minimum sized load, so what?  What’s so hard about picking up after yourselves if you have a party in the woods, or why tear up forest service signs and picnic tables? What the hell is wrong with people nowadays? There’s a different breed of human out there these days folks and they are reckless, careless, thoughtless, and dangerous. I wouldn’t let one of these clowns in to my camp on a bet. If I had to run them out of the area I would. Then people wonder why normal folks want concealed carry permits? Hell I understand that completely.

So when you see a big yellow gate crossed a forest service road you’ll know why. My ranger told me that if I were to come up to one of these gates to just walk in. I told him I was an armature photographer. So at least it looks like I can still get into these areas at least on foot. Now if summer will just get here…..



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