Falling Over the Edge of Forever


We are falling into M-87.
A Messier Object in this part of heaven.
My good Captain his starship and me.
Its gravity will not let us free.

This giant, elliptical galaxy.
It’s black hole feeding angrily.
On anything that comes its way.
Into its gravitational well  must pay.

The ultimate price for this trespass.
Falling into a never ending hour glass.
Focused into a singularity.
The point of infinite density.

Strains time into useless information.
Physical laws have no revelation.
An intergalactic garbage disposal.
Disassembly past the sub atomic level.

There’s no way back for I fear.
Our ship is beginning to shear.
We are falling onto the event horizon.
Atoms of our ship have begun to siphon.

Into the maw of this bottomless pit.
The ships atoms being split.
Into a stream a light year in length.
From this super massive black hole’s strength.

With gravity so strong it unwinds time.
Puts our decent on its time line.
Time standing still, for the crew and I.
Forever our witness to watch ourselves die.

Stuck on the bridge for all eternity.
Watching as the ship fades into uncertainty.
Never quite getting to that part.
Never end, never start.

Falling at the speed of light.
Star ship atoms in strange light.
Forever surfing the event horizon.
High energy particles emblazon.

 It’s whirlpool embrace.
It’s rotational velocity curving space.
I cannot breathe I can only see.
What this space is doing to me.

I am fading, fading, fading.
My time line is degrading.
I have come and I have gone.
My life has become foregone.

Still I watch as I become not me.
Still I watch and still I see.
This gravity has taken its toll.
Taken from me by the supermassive black hole.

In the heart of M-87.
A Messier Object in this part of heaven.
Whose jet is five million light years long.
Sings M-87’s high energy song.

 A warning to this part of space.
A siren singing in this place.
Distorting time and space.
An unbearable embrace.

 I am nothing but I am here.
Tis my soul that’s left I fear.
I am leaving the starship.
I am in some divine grip.

Pulling me off the bridge of that ship.
I’m removed from this time slip.
I am flying towards a brilliant light.
It warms me and tis a welcome sight.

So I died today and became not me.
I watched myself until I could not see.
I fell over the edge of forever.
And I will never end ever.

Dave Proffitt
2:05 AM