The Witch

Fire red hair with glacial blue eyes.
That burn with fierceness that mesmerize.
When she smiles at you.
Her heart is true.

To whatever she does.
She’s just this way because.
She’s a witch and doesn’t know it.
Doesn’t know how to stop or quit.

A most lovely woman if ever there was.
She makes me feel good because.
Her lovely heart is fierce.
Her words never pierce.

The fine human exterior.
That never sinks to the interior.
She makes most feel superior.
And no one ever felt inferior.

In her presence.
In her pleasance.
She weaves her magic.
From the open sea pelagic.

Walking in the woods with her.
The leaves whirl behind her and stir.
Strange lights in the trees when we pass by.
The wind thru the trees whispers and sighs.

Unaware of all this she smiles at me.
Asks me about the lights in the trees.
I tell her she’s the reason they are there.
Smiling thru little girl’s eyes she stares.

In wonderment and recollections of herself.
She puts the serious on the shelf.
Has an inkling of what she may be.
Sometimes afraid to look at what she sees.

Wonders why sparks from her fingertips fly.
Wonders about the glow in her deep blue eyes.
Sometimes she chooses not to believe.
What’s obvious to others as they perceive.

This lovely 21st century witch.
A twenty first century time line glitch.
Rare in this day and age.
With wisdom from the mind of a sage.

Knows not why she is.
Knows more about what gives.
Surrendering secrets to this witch supreme.
All the secrets of nature to her doth beam.

A natural to whatever she does.
To all that is and all that was.
Makes me feel good just to know her.
She smells of sea breezes and myrrh.

An elemental in the purest form.
Could tame the wildest storm.
If only she knew she could.
If she knew she would.

And what of this witches name pray tell?
I have hopelessly fallen under her spell.
And her name crystallizes in my brain.
 The wind whispers , ” Laraine, Laraine”.

Dave Proffitt
8:16 am








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