The Church of Forevermore The Fourth Room (Sloth)


She comes to me in my dreams this angel from the fourth room.
Marbled in green- blackened veins tinted by the gathering gloom.
“David your presence is requested in the fourth room.”
She whispers to me words on her breathy perfume.

 Another trip to the Church of Forevermore.
Another event new to the fourth floor.
It’s just a Church and nothing more.
It’s just a Church with a huge black door.

It’s a Church with an entrance I abhor.
Still I cannot bear to gaze upon this door.
Glowing Holy Writ moving around its border.
Moves in strange syncopation to some divine order.


This time the door opens with no effort on my part.
Beckons my entry tugging and pulling upon my heart.
A lone candle chases away the night.
Flickering yellow then white.


The door closes me in with the candle.
Its light dancing and flickering on the polished mantle.
Once again this candle speaks to me.
Once again I begin to see.


Its sparkling words floating in the air.
Makes me stop and stare.
Their timber to me so fair.
Painted with an accent strange and rare.


“A soul in room four.”
“And one that is lost forevermore.”
The candle’s words convey.
Their sullen flavor upon my heart does weigh.


So I pass into the Church of Forevermore.
Into the first room on the first floor.
“Lust” its title above the first room.
Ghostly illuminated in the twilight gloom.


I walk down the aisle in first room.
Color lights through stained glass bloom.
Upon the ancient carpeting and floor.
Silent as the tomb in the Church of Forevermore.


I tell myself it’s just a Church and nothing more.
This Church with seven rooms and seven floors.
So I come to door to the stairway.
It swings open before me, empty and gray.

So again I ascend the steps to the second floor.
In the Church of Forevermore.
Its ancient woods creak under my weight.
It’s bannister polished and ornate.


I have passed thru the second and third rooms at last.
The door of the fourth room with its knob of polished brass.
Rotates with no effort from me.
Emerald green light as green as the sea.


Hovering over a woman in fine clothes.
The Fourth Angel’s light around her glows.
And she speaks in a rolling and spacial sound.
Like the waves crashing and curling around.


Their crest as their breakers wind swept plumes.
Trail off their magnificent blooms.
And she asks “Why are ye so Godless woman?”
“I see more faith in the beggar women.”


So the woman says, “I’m too busy for religion.”
“I’ve received no wealth from God’s Wisdom.
”The Angel says to her; “Ye art the epitome of sloth.”
“And your salvation to me I loathe.”


And so the woman just sat there.
The Fourth Angel was furious and her green eyes did flare.
She started whispering and chanting a prayer.
For God’s guidance, for His care.


To bear witness to this empty human being.
Whose net worth is not worth seeing.
Seen from any terrestrial skies.
From any celestial eyes.


“Get thee from this Holy Place.”
“Thy presence in this place is a disgrace.”
The Fourth Angel words of fire.
Upon the woman like rain drops dire.


And so the woman vanished upon the night.
Once again I was witness to this sight.
And the Fourth Angel came upon me.
Crystal tears upon her beautiful face I see.


And she said unto me; “It hurts me to lose these souls.”
And her voice felt as old as the Dead Sea Scrolls.
And I said nothing to her but my heart extolls.
The virtue of her heart to mine rolls.


And she saw this within me.
“I am glad you understand what you see.”
“Please tell everyone what you saw here tonight.”
The Fourth Angels eyes both soft and bright.


She sublimed into the evening light.
Now I was alone in the Church this night.
And she whispered to me from an invisible mask.
“I’m always here you have but to ask.”


So I wondered about the woman in the fourth room.
I wondered if her soul went with her into the gathering gloom.
For someone so busy with no time for God.
This woman whose moral compass so flawed.


I remember the Angels words to me.
“I am glad you understand what you see.”
But I cannot understand this woman tonight.
To comprehend her reasons try as I might.


The Seventh Angel spoke to me from behind the mask.
“David your thoughts for her do not task.”
“For she is no more and don’t ask.’
“For her I have unmasked.”


I felt as if the woman were restored.
And I felt like she was reborn from the sword.
And I felt good as I walked thru the last door.
Into the street from the Church of Forevermore.

Dave Proffitt
9:36 pm









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