Glistening gray and steely bright.
Glinting off an exotic fingerboard in the light.
Stretched to some determined pitch.
Vibration in tones warm and rich.


Slaves to the fingers of my left hand.
Biting back their presence demand.
 Callouses and pain I must stand.
Hard, flat and gray on my fingers brand.


Grooves of their likeness temporarily cast.
Into my four fingers fast.
A badge of effort for my endeavors.
An honor in pain for whomever.


Takes the time to see.
For the resolve in me.
A blending of humans and strings.
  Meditation makes the instrument weep, makes it sing.


Sometimes it speaks to you.
When you don’t have a clue.
And sometimes it would rather stay in bed.
Cares not for your interest or your head.


So we have to fool ourselves each time we play.
And we have to fool ourselves every day.
For this is the way of continuance.
This is what it takes in the musical confluence.


And I have fooled myself for fourty years.
Through disappointment, trials and fears.
Tis the nature of the brute.
Oft times dissonant but never mute.


Practice make perfect as they say.
I should be perfect after fourteen thousand and six hundred days.
But this discipline has a steep learning curve.
That does not allow detours or swerve.


Something not explainable to non-believers.
Who don’t understand the discipline of the receivers.
 Their desire to play is fed by fast food mentality.
Who don’t get the instrument’s hard reality.


Weeds out those that don’t have this heart.
Who are unwilling to work in this art.
It takes a little wizardry, a little magic.
A little construction, a little morphologic.


Making music with friends.
This musical exchange of ideas lends.
Pathways to melodies not yet explored.
Oft times discovered from a note or chord.


This musical sacrifice bears an inexplicable reward.
For those that have searched and explored.
For those that endured down through the years.
Always more than it appears.


But not to those in the know.
Who understand it dark mojo.
My brothers and sisters of musical propriety.
I’m proud to be part of this society.


Dave Proffitt
8:44 pm

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