Friends in Music

Comes sometimes as an inspired notion
To us this syncopated commotion.
And so it changes the direction of our lives.
To this most worthy of efforts it drives.

Us to become masters of some instrument.
To make the music of celestial alignment.
And so the notes go unto the universe.
And oft times unrehearsed.

Ringing thru light years of dark matter
Protons and electrons clatter.
Vibrations at the sub-atomic level
This ether it does dishevel.

And my friends and I are to blame
From our amplifiers that flame.
Our claimed to fame
That surrounds us with this lovely game.

Of making music with our friends
Bonding these souls together tends.
To make us special to each other
We are musical sisters and brothers.

This integration of wonderful souls
Bound together by impossible dreams and goals.
Because that’s what keeps us going
This never-ending symphony flowing.

Of hopes and fears
Of tired spirits and tears.
Of callused and sore fingers.
Of the last song we played that lingers.

In our memories hoard
Like some holy broad sword.
Comes to us at odd times during the day
So beckons us to play.

And those of us that follow this
Pass on to higher levels of bliss.
And so it becomes us not as a task
But as essential to us as life we ask.

God to makes us better
Willing to be in his grace a debtor.
Willing to do whatever it takes
Wanting to affect hearts and how it makes.

Other people feel
Of their attention we steal.
For a few minutes or less
Sometimes changing lives we bless.

Others with our gift
To pull someone back from the rift.
To see tears in their eyes from our music
This music so pure and intrinsic.

To witness this from just one soul
Makes my musical friends and me whole.
From me to thee
Your pleasure is all I need to see.

Playing with friends
Unspoken ideas send.
Us soundscapes we didn’t’ know were there.
A miracle of merging within the air.

These notes appear and sublime
Precious and fleeting on some cosmic time line.
Once concieved now gone forever
A musician’s constant endeavor.

I see the light in her eyes
This rhythm to her soul does mesmerize.
And she smiles when she gets it
I see the understanding across her face flit.

Brief and fleeting in the instant
Comes to us this universal constant.
Born of tears and grief.
Striking down the theif.

Of our confidence
Of self doubt and complacence.
And makes us realize why we are the musicians.
The rearrangers of moods and conditions.

 Making bad situations good
Sometimes making things better understood.
Music is the universal language.
No confounding of tongues

My musical friends are special to me
They shall forever be.
From now until eternity
Making music with my brothers and sisters

No place would I rather be
Showing them what’s inside of me.
Watching them laugh and smile when they see
This wonderful condition inside of me.

 I love you all.

Dave Proffitt
12:07 am