My beautiful co-worker with the golden blaze.
Transfixes me with her gentle green-eyed gaze.
Sweet and demure in a child-like way.
Her eye-lash flitting gaze across my face plays.


With my sensibilities as a man.
At times almost more than I can stand.
She takes my heartstrings to task.
In audience with her I cannot ask.


To be more that friends with her.
Her pleading looks reflected and blurred.
In a misplaced wedding ring whose intent mostly misunderstood.
By its giver and wearer, makes me think she would.


This enchantress something to behold.
Her hair iridescent in sparkling gold.
Her jade green eyes deep as the sea.
Rolling and laughing as they look at me.


Gentle and sensual her look caresses me.
Begs for something more than I can see.
Brilliant white teeth behind her flashing smile.
She turns this on her musical laughter beguiles.


My poor heart which doesn’t stand a chance.
Demands more from me that just a casual glance.
No ordinary woman this spell weaver.
To her I am the true believer.


Her high cheek bones lend a windswept look.
To her golden mane floating on a warm Chinook.
Slightly hawkish and predatory her aquiline nose.
The perfect blend of this feminine repose.


I could ravish this woman to a fare-thee-well.
And who would tell?
Not from her own lips.
To sink any family ships.


Still I am content just to watch this beautiful enigma.
Instead of coloring her with some dark stigma.
Fascinating she is to an exponential degree.
She turns it all on just for me.


Her boyish husband to this he cannot see.
This confession she confides to in me.
What a wondrous creature he is married to.
She tells me that he hasn’t a clue.


Cocky and arrogant feels no responsibility to her.
For times that are and times that were.
Just uses her for the biological urge.
When upon himself he must splurge.


Says he doesn’t understand conversation.
Her confessions to me her realization.
Just a kid and nothing more.
Makes her feel like she’s a whore.


His sister comes to visit one day.
After a month she decides to stay.
Now three where there once was two.
Her life has now run askew.


His sister’s involment in some cult.
Changes their lives with a dark result.
Changes in my friend not pleasant to see.
His hissing sister spitting out her decrees.


My lady Judy now looks more dead than alive.
No light left in her pretty emeralad eyes.
The sparkle ran away from her golden hair.
Her face chisled with “I don’t care.”


For who has taken away my fine feminine spirit?
This Scientific removal of her soul the culprit.
And gave us back an empty shell.
Like some wayward hitchhiker on the road to Hell.


And I remember her intoxicating smile.
And this memory of her goes on through the miles.
Wondering within the canyons of my mind.
Her winsome smile fixed forever for all time.


And I know not what became of her.
In times that are and times that were.
So I pray thee dear reader that she is back.
Free from once what was tinted black.


To see her wonderous green eyes like a pounding sea.
To see them smiling and once again caressing me.
To hear the music of her laughter’s song.
And see the light in her eyes again bright and strong.


This is a true story.
There really is a Judy out there somewhere.
She was my friend.
And I lost her.

I want her back.


Dave Proffitt
7:05 pm

The Witch of Marmot

October sunlight streaming through branches plays.
Tricks on shadows and colors the bark in strange ways.
In the waning light of this melancholy October day.
Crossing the Sandy  River Bridge she appeared in my gaze.

Standing by a broken down little car burned and soot black.
Her black hair twisted with gold spilling down her back.
Her beseeching green eyes looking into my heart.
Hoping that I work some magic on her part.

And I could not break her stare.
Nor pass her by without a care.
And she saw this within me.
And I knew within me she sees.

I pulled off the road and she appears.
At the back of my truck from the shadows she clears.
“Do you have any gas” she pleas.
Her words caressing the autumn breeze.

“For I have run out of gas.” She says in alas.
Her words delicate and whistle like silk over polished glass.
And I look into her wild and disheveled bright green eyes.
Swirling and swimming in depths fathoms deeps mesmerize.

Now returning from whence they came.
Gazing at me now aflame.
Her jet black and gold hair framing her face
Enchanting she is across time and space.

“And what is your name?” She queries me.
Her green eyes pounding like a mighty green sea.
“Dave” for I cannot refuse her magnetic intensity.
Being in her audience this woman and her ability.

“Ah the beloved one” she sighs.
A smile on her lips and a flash in her green eyes.
So we move her car off of the road.
Other drivers pass us their looks forebode.

She gets in my truck on the passenger side.
And she thanks me for the ride.
She stares out of the passenger window.
Chanting softly unto a mountain meadow.

And I cannot hear what she is saying.
So soft and gentle almost like praying.
Her black and gold mane coiling around her.
Like smoke and gold from times that are and times that were.

She turns and looks at me with those wild green eyes.
The lights within rises and flies.
Swirling through dark and blackened skies.
And at the same time controlled and wise.

Once again comes the strange smile.
That allows of me no denial.
To anything her heart would ask.
She takes my resilience to task.

Her breathy submissions of some medical malady.
And her hopes of a future remedy.
And her crystalline words hanging in the air.
So soft and delicate sublime as I stare.

And she giggles at my wonderment.
Her gaze alights on me gentle, warm and a little strange.
She touches my hand gives to me her exchange.
Vistas of magical scenes, then lucidity this universal phase change.

This Witch of Marmot beyond my comprehension.
As she fades in and out of this dimension.
Like some little girl lost.
Her look at me asks “at what cost?”

This beautiful child lost to some cosmic melody.
Not of this earth this cosmic tragedy.
Brought tears to my eyes this day.
Confounding my ability to say.

Any words worthy of her.
This child of today and the times that were.
A car drives past us “Hey that’s my Mom!”
She says with great aplomb.

So I turn the truck around.
Chasing her Mom down.
Marmot road and a frightening pace.
This Mother to Daughter race.

Alongside out of the passenger window her arms flop.
“Hey Mom it’s your daughter” to her surprised Mater.
She thanks me and exits the truck amidst female chatter.
Makes me wonder if all this matters?

And so I wonder at the wisdom of my good deed.
But I got her some help I concede.
But I could not refuse her today.
I guess because I’m just wired this way.

But I saw a real witch today.
And she gave me a part of her heart as pay.
To love her as one human to another.
For we are all stardust unto our Universe Mother.

So I hope she finds herself one day.
As the winds of time blow through her hair and play.
The melody of the spheres, and comfort her as she cries.
Looking for me through those beautiful green eyes.

For she will find me through her darkness and fears.
And the music from me she hears.
I left her a lantern from my soul.
From me to her my will to her extols.

So I will remember this woman for the rest of my days.
And her witchy, strange and beautiful ways.
On this sunny October day.
When I met the Witch of Marmot this way.

Dave Proffitt
10:29 pm

Six Decades of Dogs

Well here I go again with Dogs. Dogs are and have been a part of my life from the very beginning. When I was barely old enough to walk we had a Collie Dog named Lady. She was a real special dog too. Dad used to take her fishing with us and basically everywhere we went that you could take a dog to in those days.  She got something wrong in her hips which rendered her unable to stand up. So she would scoot along after me as I went down the sidewalk in Gladstone. It used to break my father’s heart to see her like that, so he curtailed my walks. Poor Lady had most of the hair on her haunches and legs scraped off. It wasn’t too long after that, they had her put down. Since that time dogs have been in my life continually.

All sorts of dogs, mutts, Austrailian Shepherds, Border Collies, Collies, Huskies, labs, last but not least German Shepherds. All equally good dogs in their own ways. Each breed has it’s own personalities and quirks but I never found any of them to be faults. I also never thought much of breed snobs either. You know, people that look down their noses at mutts and other dog because they don’t have papers?  Not important to me.

I have learned patience, loyalty and humor from my dogs. I’ve learned that if my dog doesn’t like someone that came over to the house there was a good reason for it. I’ve also found that if someone didn’t like my dogs, then I made it a point to not be friends with that person. Something wrong with a person that doesn’t like dogs in my opinion.

You  can tell how much interaction people have with their dogs if you see them in their vehicles.  When I lived in Willamette I would see JR with Max in his truck, and most of the time Zeph would be in my truck. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.  One dude told me one time, “I wouldn’t let my dog trash the interior of my truck it’s too nice for that.”  Really. First of all I wonder if he brushes his dog? Zeph gets it a couple of time a week. He don’t trash my dually either. True I might have to use the shop vac a little more often but the truck gets filled up with fir needles up here anyway so keeping the truck clean isn’t a big deal. Zeph doesn’t chew anything up in the truck either because he knows I’m coming back. I tell him so too. Every time I got someplace with him.

Having your dog in your vehicle is the best theft, and break in deterrent there is.  Who in their right mind would break into a car with a medium to large sized dog inside?  Having your dog in your car in parking lot also brings some interesting experiences with it. I drove up to Theftway in Welches last summer. Zeph was in the front seat. It was in the evening and I left the passenger window down just far enough for him to get about half his snout out of it. He’s not one of these dogs to get crazy when someone walks by. But I keep the windows up far enough so that he can’t get his snout out of the vehicle. I had the dually parked right in front of the store. I got the last stall on the left hand side of the entry way. There’s a handicap stall on the south end but nothing else. I was in the checkout stand when I heard some commotion outside. I recognized the bark as Zephyr. Then I heard lots of swearing, and could tell someone was swearing at Zephyr. I went outside and here’s this dude and his wife standing back about 3 feet away from the truck yelling at Zephyr. Now the dog was really pissed as well he should be. So I’m looking at this prima donna standing there. Braided long gray-yellow hair, shorts, sandals, bullshit baseball hat on backwards. This guy is loosing points with me just the way he’s dressed let alone his behavior.

So I open the drivers door and install a small bag of groceries. The douche’ bag directs his anger at me now. “I suppose that’s your f__king dog right?”  “That son of a b–tch almost gave me a heart attack!”  People coming out of the store are stopping and looking at him. So I close the door and walk around the back of the truck and walk up in front of him. “Yeah he’s my dog, so what?”  “Well he almost gave me a heart attack!”  ” I see your still standing up right?”  “Well I might not have been!”  “I’m sorry if my dog scared you, he’s just doing what he’s supposed to do.”

“And that means barking at me?”  “Well you probably did something he thought was suspicious.”  “What were you doing around my truck anyway?”  “I wasn’t around your G_d   truck .”  ” Well here’s the way this is gonna work out, you can take this up with me, or, I can let the dog out and you can take it up with him, which I think would be a real bad idea for you, or you can just go home.”  “Now come on Bud, lets just go home.” Wifey says.  Bud chose door number three.  Fast forward into October. Same exact scenario,  dually parked out front same spot, Zephyr in the back seat. I’m in the store down by the TV Dinners. This dude comes into the store down the aisle I’m in and he’s the same age as Bud. He smiles at me and says “is that your black dog in the dually?”  “Yeah he is.” The man starts laughing, he says, “well I got a dog at home just like him and he does the same thing.”  ” I hope he didn’t scare you?”  “Nah he was just doing what he is supposed to.”  So I go outside and him and this other guy, musta been neighbors come out, and they’re looking at Zeph thru the window. Both of them start talking to me, nicely though. The one guy says how much Zeph looks like his dog, about three times and finally his buddy agrees with him. So I open the passenger door and introduce Zeph to these guys. They were a little cautious at first. Zeph liked them when he saw me talking to them.  What a difference between Bud and these two guys? Wow. Some people go looking for trouble and others side step around it.

I’ve found that most folks that live up here are like the second set of guys. It’s fun just to go to the store, you can start up  converstation with any of the locals, men or women and they’re genuinely nice. I doubt if Bud was a local. He might have been but sure didn’t act like it.

I have lots of gals comment on Zephyr. He’s a chick magnet.  Wish I was. LOL!  “Is that a wolf?” Nope, ” what is he bred with?”  Nothing he’s pure bred. “He can’t be he’s black.” They have black German Shephers.  “Well he’s got long hair too.”  German Shepherds have three basic coats, standard, plush and long coats. Zephyr is a long coat.

“well I just never seen a German Shepherd that looks like that, are you sure he isn’t a wolf?”  About as sure as I am that you aren’t Little Red Riding Hood.”

Having a dog I think makes you a better human being. Just my opinion here. They can teach you things no other animal can.  I’m really proud to say that I’ve had dogs in my life for almost 66 years.  Am I better for it, well I think I am.  You tell me. Smile.



Long ago I used to walk the streets of Oregon City.
Its mill air sulphur spiked and had no pity.
For your lungs and eyes.
Telling your intellect this is unwise.

Narrow streets with old traffic lights.
Storefronts, displaying neon signs at night.
A one horse bus stop on the west end.
A harbor for travelers and transients attend.

Dark and dingy it’s cavernous interior.
Smoke stained flourescent lights now inferior.
Bathing the inside in a brownish infernal glow.
Regulars on the park benches throw popcorn for the crows.

A bus moving in a silvery blur.
Was the first time I saw her.
Sitting alone on a bench her head held high.
Focused on some infinite point in the sky.

Long brown kinky hair.
Pulled back making her cheekbones flare.
Windswept eyes, tilting up into tiny crow’s feet.
Sometimes sad and other times sweet.

Along side her a large paper shopping bag.
The bottom bulging and the top sags.
I never knew the contents it bore.
My heart told me things from the magic store.

To me she was pretty in a rough-hewn way.
Like some wind-whittled monument dark and gray.
Fascinated I watched her arise.
With a natural grace and beauty to my young eyes.

On some cosmic que she turned and looked at me.
And into her sad, dark eyes I could see.
Her questioning gaze boring into my soul.
Seeking something to make her broken heart whole.

And the emptiness within her I could not bear.
And she would not let me break her stare.
So I gave to her a piece of my heart that day.
I watched her face as the darkness within ran away.

I saw a smile tugging at the corners of her lips.
Her pretty eyes twinkled watching the sadness eclipsed.
Like some stellar, celestial alignment.
This human to human refinement.

Of seeing each other with no preconceived notions.
One human to another without man made motions.
Then a bus pulled between us and she disappeared.
I stood there feeling humbled and revered.

I saw her many different times on the streets of the city.
Gliding up the streets gray and gritty.
And she always knew when I was there.
I could feel her gaze soft, gentle and fair.

 And her smile to me always illuminating.
Her eyes, even at a distance, captivating.
She made me feel good inside.
Something new within me resides.

My Father took me to town one day.
I saw Priscilla heading our way.
She was always on the other side of the street.
I had thought of crossing the road so we could meet.

And she looked right past my Father with her smile.
Her timeless dark eyes did beguile.
My youthful heart.
And so to her I gave another part.

My Father said to me,”David do you know her?”
I told him “from times that are and times that were.”
And he asked “What do you mean Son?”
I told him that her soul was undone.

I told him that I was giving her some parts.
To help her rebuild her shattered heart.
I reassured him it was only kindness and smiles.
“Well I wish you luck with your trials.”

I never spoke to this woman because I didn’t need to.
She spoke to me with her heart we both knew.
So I saw her down through the years.
And I helped her through her fears.

And to you dear reader it’s all true.
I swear by my tattoos.
I remember her eyes of bright scintilla
My life is better for knowing Priscilla.

Dave Proffitt
9:14 PM

The Shoelace Lady


Tottering down the sidewalk she came.
Old, strange and a little lame.
Her long, tan coat flapping in the breeze.
Loosely on her, a foot below her knees.

Her dark hair streaked with gray.
From under a stocking hat the wind did play.
Hunched and shuffling she does come.
Her battles with life hard won.

She carries a worn old shopping bag.
In her left hand it swings.
Her significance to the world will never lag.
On her third finger old wedding rings.

She still wears from an ancient love.
Now lost in time on her withered hand.
Her thoughts for him in hearts of doves.
She’s never forgot him her memory’s sand.

She sells shoestrings from her bag.
To all the houses on my block.
She sees me and her heart sags.
Her young man her heart locks.

From her memory, from her soul.
She’s lost him as well.
Her young son it’s toll.
Has taken her heart to tell.

She smiles from ancient timeless eyes.
Wrinkles lifting a warm old heart.
She sells shoelaces, a sale she tries.
My Mother loves her and buys.

More shoelaces than we ever need.
All colors and sizes even tweed.
An old spotted hand give’s its prize.
To my Mother’s sympathetic eyes.

She says “Thank you “ and turns.
Hobbles down the walk.
From her a lesson to learn.
She goes to another house on the block.

I don’t know why life put her like this.
A gentle old woman who lost precious hearts.
Her passing by few won’t be missed.
Her soul from her body longing to depart.

To be with her love and her son.
No more shoelaces her life battles won.
She shuffles down my street fading from view.
I see her forever in my hearts review.

I’ll never forget the Shoelace Lady.
I remembered her today.
She took a part of my heart.
I hope to see her again some day.

She’s the phantom of the town.
Tendrils of time to her heart wound round.
She floats ghost-like down our streets.
I can still see her.

I wish I could take back her tragedies.
I wish I could see her young smiling face.
I wish I could give her a hug today.
I’m sorry things went her way.

I wish her the best.
Don’t forget these words.
I owe them to her for her life’s test.
Her life to me not forgotten.

She deserves my recognition.
For her trials and unknown retribution.
So think of her in this poem of mine.
A life whose path was changed by time.

Bringing her to where she was.
Bringing her to me.
I remember you old Heart.
I’m sorry for not giving you a hug.

Thank you for coming to see me.
Your wealth to my life I now see.
With your lost ones.
With your life.
With you.
With me.

David Proffitt

Dogs and Us

Dogs in the house and dogs in our lives.
Makes us more interesting and wise.
Pleased with themselves on dog breaths panted.
Smiling eyes leaving you enchanted.


With their simplicity of love.
Always wanting to be a part of.
Our everyday lives we may find boring.
Their enthusiam for life we find restoring.


My dog will ride in anything with wheels.
Going to the store with me is a big deal.
For him and and his chance to go with me.
He gets a new vantage point on the world to see.


Sitting in the front seat where not many dogs can go.
His head out the window his ears to and fro.
The wind teases his nose with too many scents.
Eagerly accepts this which  the wind presents


Sometimes I wish I were a dog.
Enjoying simple things like peeing on a log.
Or chasing a crow I’d never catch, out of the yard.
Then snoozing all night from playing too hard.


And I like it when Dave brushes my coat.
He hugs me and calls me “show doggie” and gloats.
And I feel real handsome when he’s done with me.
It makes me feel good that he likes what he sees.


Scientists think we’re smarter than they thought
They used to say monkeys are smarter, I think not.
Now they question this, “gee do ya think?”
Dave tells his friends that dogs are the missing link.


Between wolves and humans they say.
We are 97% compatible with wolf DNA.
We are 100% compatible with our human friends.
No other animal with them so blends.


Dogs and humans share the same soul.
So God lets them all into heaven on a roll.
Their good humor lubricates the heavenly cogs.
And what would heaven be without dogs?



So I say to you
“If all my dogs arent’ in heaven
Then I ain’t goin.”

This one’s for Max.


Dave Proffitt
8:18 pm

The Sea of Infinity

It reaches through light years this ad infinitum.
From galaxies to units in quantum.
A sea stretching unto infinity
Endless objects related by gravitational affinity.

Gazing thru Hubble’s eye we view the past.
This microwave background radiation so vast.
Ancient stars whose light we see has fled.
Their distances rendering these worlds dead.


Massive stars that dwarf our sun.
Their stellar lifetimes outrun.
Saying goodbye in tongues of the Super Nova
To be reborn again in a gravitational ova.


Pushed past the Chandrasekhar limit.
Either a white dwarf or black hole starts it’s delimit.
These radical stellar children of cosmic catastrophe.
Warping space time and its entropy.


Standing on the event horizon of a black hole.
Able to swallow entire galaxies whole.
Its infinite gravitation and angular momentum.
Striping stars into overheated superstratum.


Spinning it up to relativistic velocities.
This gravity child commits the ultimate atrocities.
Burping out polar high energy jets
These high energy particles with no regrets.


On no audience with its singularity
Who cares not for their parity
Their lucky day.
Are still able to play.


Blasting through the universe at the speed of light.
In strange wavelengths this strange sight.
Doping photons into gamma ray bursts.
This illumination absolutely the worst.


Destroying matter at the sub atomic levels
The very fabric of the universe it deshevels.
This cosmic ray gun.
A relic of some distand and dead sun.


This planet eating monster eventually runs down.
It’s Hawking Radiation no longer around.
No longer speaks to the universe in its parlance.
God’s grace of universal balance.


And so it is within the universe’s ambiance.
Becomes a question of balance.
Not of if but when.
And so it begins all over again.


For every positive there is a negative
For every no there is an affirmative.
This matter-antimatter tango.
We are all witness to this fandango


If we take the time to see.
It ultimately affects you and me.
The univere is not confounded by tongues.
It’s wisdow on starlight is sung.


Gazing into the night sky
These wonders fill my eye.
Sometimes more than I can bear.
This knowledge for all to share.


 So it said to me that we are all stardust.
And it said to me “of whom do you trust?”
We are all of the same family.
Born from The Sea of Infinity.


Dave Proffitt
1:41 am