Dogs and Us

Dogs in the house and dogs in our lives.
Makes us more interesting and wise.
Pleased with themselves on dog breaths panted.
Smiling eyes leaving you enchanted.


With their simplicity of love.
Always wanting to be a part of.
Our everyday lives we may find boring.
Their enthusiam for life we find restoring.


My dog will ride in anything with wheels.
Going to the store with me is a big deal.
For him and and his chance to go with me.
He gets a new vantage point on the world to see.


Sitting in the front seat where not many dogs can go.
His head out the window his ears to and fro.
The wind teases his nose with too many scents.
Eagerly accepts this which  the wind presents


Sometimes I wish I were a dog.
Enjoying simple things like peeing on a log.
Or chasing a crow I’d never catch, out of the yard.
Then snoozing all night from playing too hard.


And I like it when Dave brushes my coat.
He hugs me and calls me “show doggie” and gloats.
And I feel real handsome when he’s done with me.
It makes me feel good that he likes what he sees.


Scientists think we’re smarter than they thought
They used to say monkeys are smarter, I think not.
Now they question this, “gee do ya think?”
Dave tells his friends that dogs are the missing link.


Between wolves and humans they say.
We are 97% compatible with wolf DNA.
We are 100% compatible with our human friends.
No other animal with them so blends.


Dogs and humans share the same soul.
So God lets them all into heaven on a roll.
Their good humor lubricates the heavenly cogs.
And what would heaven be without dogs?



So I say to you
“If all my dogs arent’ in heaven
Then I ain’t goin.”

This one’s for Max.


Dave Proffitt
8:18 pm

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