The Sea of Infinity

It reaches through light years this ad infinitum.
From galaxies to units in quantum.
A sea stretching unto infinity
Endless objects related by gravitational affinity.

Gazing thru Hubble’s eye we view the past.
This microwave background radiation so vast.
Ancient stars whose light we see has fled.
Their distances rendering these worlds dead.


Massive stars that dwarf our sun.
Their stellar lifetimes outrun.
Saying goodbye in tongues of the Super Nova
To be reborn again in a gravitational ova.


Pushed past the Chandrasekhar limit.
Either a white dwarf or black hole starts it’s delimit.
These radical stellar children of cosmic catastrophe.
Warping space time and its entropy.


Standing on the event horizon of a black hole.
Able to swallow entire galaxies whole.
Its infinite gravitation and angular momentum.
Striping stars into overheated superstratum.


Spinning it up to relativistic velocities.
This gravity child commits the ultimate atrocities.
Burping out polar high energy jets
These high energy particles with no regrets.


On no audience with its singularity
Who cares not for their parity
Their lucky day.
Are still able to play.


Blasting through the universe at the speed of light.
In strange wavelengths this strange sight.
Doping photons into gamma ray bursts.
This illumination absolutely the worst.


Destroying matter at the sub atomic levels
The very fabric of the universe it deshevels.
This cosmic ray gun.
A relic of some distand and dead sun.


This planet eating monster eventually runs down.
It’s Hawking Radiation no longer around.
No longer speaks to the universe in its parlance.
God’s grace of universal balance.


And so it is within the universe’s ambiance.
Becomes a question of balance.
Not of if but when.
And so it begins all over again.


For every positive there is a negative
For every no there is an affirmative.
This matter-antimatter tango.
We are all witness to this fandango


If we take the time to see.
It ultimately affects you and me.
The univere is not confounded by tongues.
It’s wisdow on starlight is sung.


Gazing into the night sky
These wonders fill my eye.
Sometimes more than I can bear.
This knowledge for all to share.


 So it said to me that we are all stardust.
And it said to me “of whom do you trust?”
We are all of the same family.
Born from The Sea of Infinity.


Dave Proffitt
1:41 am

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