The Church of Forevermore The Seventh Room (Pride)

Blinding and bright gold litten light
Bears into my eyes from the night.
A summons from the Church of Forevermore.
A call tonight from the seventh floor.

It’s raining, windy and cold
Here  is the church door ominous and old.
The door with animated holy writ
Rain drops upon it hiss and spit.


Like drops in some infernal frying pan
Vanishing into steam because they can.
The door opens with no effort on my part
It’s official grasp upon my heart.


The candle that speaks burning and bright
Casting strange shadows on the walls tonight.
No longer flee but remain instead
Their light dancing and dead.


“We have the worst of sins tonight”
The candles voice wavering with fright.
The worst sins the last room
Not from who but of whom.


I walk through the darkness, on the first floor
In the Church of Forevermore.
Just a Church and nothing more
A Church with seven rooms and seven floors.


Once again I come to the door of the stairway
It swings open before me empty and gray.
Again I ascend the steps to the next floor
In the Church of Forevermore.


Its ancient woods creak under my weight
Its bannister polished and ornate.
I have passed through all the rooms to the seventh floor at last
It’s door knob of black crystal glass.


There comes a deep sonant drone
A sound that vibrates me to the bone.
Whirling gold beams of light
Like photonic swords slicing through the night.


The door opens to surrender its dark visage
A beautiful gold angel with her holy entourage.
Dark liquid onyx hair flowing back over wide shoulders
Polished silver eyes of this cosmic beholder.


I find I cannot take my eyes from this beautiful spectacle.
My brain asking myself if these thoughts are ethical.
For I have never seen such beauty before.
Straining the integrity of the Church of Forevermore.


And below her a man in a suit and coat.
He looks far away and remote.
Twin silver beams flash from her eyes
Boring into the man to analyze.


The colors of his soul.
Of any virtue to extoll.
“Why hast thou put thyself above God?” The angel inquires
“Your Pride exceeded only by your desires.”


She says to him her voice now metallic and cold
No life in his eyes, now tinted cloudy and old.
“My heart will no longer love or believe.”
“For I have made it lie and deceive.”


“And I have done this for most of my life.”
“I have done these things to keep my wife.”
“She always wanted what I could not give forevermore”
She spoke to me in the tongues of pestilence and war.”


“She made me believe I was higher than God”
“So I finally saw her desires faulty and flawed.”
“I tried to build this tower that reached into heaven.”
“But it collapsed into floor eleven.”


So I was witness to the new Tower of Babel
A twenty first century heaven bent citadel.
So like the one before it could not stand
And like the one before it could not be built by man.


The Angel’s silver beams upon him did soften
So she put her hand over his heart to lighten
The loss of his wife to his soul
So the tears out of his tired eyes did roll.


“Thy wife is no longer a burden to thee.”
“For your sake this I decree.”
“For she was an abomination unto God.”
“And she was an imitation and flawed.”


“No longer will thee build monuments unto her”
“For things that are, and times that were.”
“For thy Father hath restored thine own heart”
“Unto you He giveth a new start.”


This man vanished into the swirling night
Alone with the Gold Angel her silver eyes tender and light.
She floats up to me ever so near
Never have I seen such eyes so strange and queer.


Fathomless, swirling, depths not of miles but of light years
Beaming into my soul with them she peers.
“I have been told of thee, my son David”
Her voice within me and without me.


“Do my eyes frighten thee?”
“Or do you like what you see?”
This wonderment of highest level
The women to my thoughts bedevil.


“I feel I am unworthy of your gaze.”
Her gentle hand on my chin she does raise.
And her eyes become as a universe of blue.
I see planets within circle suns of strange hues.


Her black hair flowing in some astral breeze
Her smile tilts at the corners of her mouth to please.
Her thoughts from her heart for me to see.
This epitome of beauty from God to me.


And I will never see anything as beautiful as her
Forever from times that are and times that were.
So now I feel what true beauty is forevermore.
And this is really the Church of Forevermore.


It’s not a Church anymore
It has no rooms.
It has no floors
It’s everlasting beauty evermore.


So I smell a familiar scent that pleases me
It smells of Myrrh and sea breezes
Of a woman I once knew
Of a woman I need to rescue.


For I have left her alone for too long
Her visions to me along her time song.
This ancient queen from a Biblical nation
For I fear I have fallen in love with my own creation.


The Gold Angel speaks to me again.
“David thy Father loves your Judean Queen.”
“He wants you to love her throughout eternity”
“Do you know what this means?”

“Yes I do and I have missed my Queen.”
“From now to times that have ever been.”
“So you know what to do?”
“For the Father and I will be watching you.”


She is smiling as she sublimes into the night
Another wondrous vision and holy sight.
I find myself sitting on the edge of my bed.
No Church anymore or sounds in my head.


I see a swirling purple mist on my living room floor
A smell of Myrrh and sea breezes as of before.
This beautiful woman with black hair and blue eyes
Standing six foot six her gaze mesmerizes.


Crystalline tears filling her eyes I see
“Hello my love have you missed me?”
I kiss her eyelids and taste her tears
And I feel her pain down through all the years.


“I have missed you more than you know”
“We will be together forever I will bestow.”
“Upon your forbearance we will be.”
Forever with me.


My songs to Athaliah for her to see.
Forever with me.
And her to me.
We both shall be.


Dave Proffitt
11:35 pm.

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