Remembering Rich

Pictures of Cruise ins and motorcycle rides.
Filling spaces on friends comments inside.
Showing up on my network page.
Pictures of quality above the normal gauge.


Curiosity got the best of me.
This photographer I must see.
Clicking blue letters I meet Rich Duran
Eyes behind the camera, and the man.


This electronic introduction to a friend
Takes only milliseconds to send.
Dark complexion, sunglasses and long black hair.
Smiling back at me his image stares.


Out of my monitor and into me
More pictures of his I wanted to see.
Rich and I became friends
A view of Sourthern California thru his lens.


Sunset pictures of the beach
Or biker friends smiling within arms reach.
Hot rods, pictures of his “Black Mistress”
The classic muscle car in pitch black absoluteness.


Dearer to his heart than most women
“You care more about the car than me” the female acumen.
“Not really, just a different part.”
Plenty of room for her in Rich’s heart.


Rich understood things about muscle cars.
About pretty ladies and slick guitars.
And sometimes could manage both.
To loose one or the other he would loath.


And I saw these parts of Rich within me.
And I think about those too blind to see.
These things in life to this degree.
From the land of Douglas Fir , to rows of palm trees.


So I called Rich on the phone one day
And his raspy voice on my phone did play.
And we talked about crazy things.
Mostly from my mind they did spring.


And he laughed so hard I had to stop
And he told me “Bro you are way over the top.”
So I let Rich recuperate
So to my humor should I recalibrate?


“No that’s the funniest stuff I’ve heard in a long while.”
And I could from my phone see his smile.
From him to me over the miles
From me to him from life’s trials.


We laughed about the Eharmony women we met.
Their ten-year old pictures does no man get.
And we could not recognize these gals at lunch.
The ten years late for lunch bunch.


Rich became friends with the Pacific Northwest
And we considered him one of Southern Cal’s best.
Oregon and Washington respected him
So we invited Rich up on a whim.


Doni and I wanted to go riding with him
But the winds of change grew dark and grim.
The great cosmic symphony called him away
And I lost my friend on that day.


Rich Duran was a good man
Rich Duran was a wonderful father.
He was a loved human being
And he was my friend.

I shall miss him-
Dave Proffitt

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