A Letter To Mrs. Kirkey

She was my sophomore History Teacher
Down the hall this fine feminine creature.

Statuesque and tall legs to the ground
Her clicking high heels made a fine sound.


She used to wear this tight blue dress
I think she was giving to me a test.
To see my interest she did seek
My pleasure to see her each day of the week.


I loved to follow her down the hall
Watching her tight hips rise and fall.
A beautiful, strutting middle-aged queen
My boyish fascination with this scene.


Her long legs shaven and stocking bare
Tall black high heels her feet did ware.
Crossed legs on her desk she was perched
Her beautiful knees my eyes did search.


With long slim fingers she wrote on the board
Subjects and predicates I looked toward.
Seeing her turn her fine hips to see
Her dark eyes staring directly at me.


I need to tell this woman how I feel
A young heart this woman did steal.
Just a note or maybe a letter
 Makes things worse or maybe better.


I’m writing to her in class right now
“Mrs. Kirkey I don’t know how.”
“To tell you this but I must”
“To keep this private to you I trust.”


“To put my arms round your small waist”
“Your thin handsome lips I would taste.”
“That has spoken a thousand and one rules”
“Of sailing ships and explorer  fools.”


“I would do anything you could ask”
“My heart strings you’ve surely taken to task.”
“To smell your femininity and touch your white skin”
“Makes my knees weak and my head really spin.”


“Salt and pepper hair to your high heeled feet”
“There’s not a woman finer or as sweet.”
“I would kiss any spot that you would choose”
“My teenage heart to you I would lose.”


“Sincerely Dave Proffitt” to end this letter
Maybe for worse or maybe better.
I watch after class as she reads my letter
A smile on her lips yes this is better.


She tells me to stay after class the next day
My letter, my boldness, I might pay.
She rises from her chair and walks up to me
My letter in hand for me to see.


Her eyes twinkle a smile on her lips
She glides up to me on her fine hips.
Her high heels click on the hardwood floor
I look to see a locked class room door.


Long legs and heels make her level with me
I gaze into her dark eyes a passionate sea.
She’s so close I can taste her wondrous scent
My will power suddenly is spent.


Her long fingers I feel on my neck
I’ve become her emotional wreck.
She pulls me towards her thin red lips
My hands touch her fine wide hips.


She kisses me and I’m electrified
Her dark eyes have me mesmerized.
My body chemistry has gone crazy
My self-identity becomes hazy.


A motel address she writes on a note
She hands it to me as she puts on her coat.
“I’ll see you dear boy and don’t be late”
She whispers to me my middle aged date.


I watch her disappear as she clicks down the hall
A smile on my face it was good after all.
Glad that I wrote her the letter
It wasn’t bad in fact it was better.


I’ve loved this woman for two decades or near
No harsh words or ever a tear.
She left one day without telling me where
I wonder dear heart how will you fare?


I’m older and a little wiser now
She’s still in my heart somehow.
At times she brings tears to my eyes
I’ll love this woman till the day I die.


Dave Proffitt
October 16, 2007

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