Barbara White

April 1, 2014 at 2:02pm

I feel compelled to write something about Barb here. She was my Sis’s friend. Lois really liked Barb. Lois used to tell me that Barb didn’t have it so nice at home. She also didn’t have it so nice at school either. Too much of the society bullshit and class disticntions going on. I never knew Barb until she was older and that was prolly due to the fact that she hung around with Lois at our house.

As I got to know her I really liked her too. She was really quiet, polite and tall! She was also beautiful. I got a chance to see her slowed down in front of me and I was shocked at how pretty she is and was then. Barb has this soft voice and good sense of humor, she has this grace about her and just makes you sort of awestruck. I know what this sounds like but it’s true, or at least how she impacted me with her presence on our house. My parents really liked her.

Physically Barb started blossoming out right about the 8th grade. In my opinion she just got better looking the older she got. Long nice looking legs. Beautiful long fingers, pretty eyes, and a gentle disposition. My Sister also told me that Barb was interested in me. Boy I kick myself in the ass for not listening to Lois on this one. I was such a flop with the ladies about that age anyway so my self confidence wasn’t there.

I started noticing Barb a lot more, and sometimes would stay home if Lois told me she was coming over. She was a blast to kid around with and had a great sense of humor. She was sort of an “adopted daughter” at the Proffitt House and I’m glad I got to know her the little bit that I did. I’m also glad she had Lois as a friend.

Barbara White is one of those people you don’t ever forget. Seeing the picture of her in the 8th grade graduation picture I posted just brought back all of my recollections of her. I wanted to post my feelings and impression of her here so you can see how I felt about her.


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