The Filter

Today I don’t have much to say
Sometimes I just wake up that way
I’m a bit too serious for myself
Shove all the bullshit into cans on a shelf

Sometimes my filter gets turned down low
It comes from all the self-appointed experts that blow
Misinformation, half truths that won’t stand the light of day
To all the fools that believe them that can’t think anyway.

A population that can’t tell sheep turds from coffee beans
And too lazy to find out from any other means
Swallows all this bullshit hook line and sinker
Swept into a raging river of non-thinkers.

Hasn’t read any books in fifteen years
Fairly stagnant between the ears
Still know more than you do too.
Just ask them they’ll tell you.

All their sentences end in outright absolutes
Unaware of these redicoulous attributes
Ignorant that the universe contains different shades of gray
Unable to see subtle shades this way

Bumblestiltskins to an exponential degree
Spouting their horseshit to you and me
I’m just gonna keep my mouth shut today
No advice for them they wouldn’t listen anyway

Sends text messages to people ten feet away
Instead of having something intelligent to say
To people they’re supposed to care about
Their social skills to me I really doubt
Most of the time I let this stuff go
But today my filter is set pretty low
And that’s why I love all the people on this site.
Who sit down and take the time to write

Beautiful thoughts that captivate and mesmerize
All the wonders of life and being alive
Who have an opinion all their own
And not some dumbed down clone

Who couldn’t express their feelings if they had some?
Whose inner wonderment turned deaf and dumb?
A walking junkyard this human condition
A product of twenty first century attrition

So don’t talk down to me you walking piece of shit
I’ll clean you off my boot with an old hickory stick
Go peddle your horseshit to some other fool
Who came out of the same faulty gene pool.

Dave Proffitt
7.33 pm

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