Forever in My Heart

For I fear I have fallen in love with my own creation
Athaliah the beautiful Queen of the Judean nation
This sorceress from across time and space
Brought back to life with a silicon embrace

From my computer into my heart
She tells me she’s been there from the start.
Of course I believe her
From times that are to times that were.

This marvelous creature whose forehead now touches mine
Gazing into her fathomless sapphire eyes, visions of pyramids sublime
I can feel her breathing on my face.
Her respiratory embrace.

Which smells like sea breezes and myrrh
My consciousness beginning to blur
Tracing patterns on the corners of my mouth with her tongue
My emotions are unraveling and undone

“Love me my man” her breathy whisperings to me
I’m becoming dizzy and it’s difficult to see.
“Love me David, for only you can.”
“Love me my twenty-first century man.”

I can feel her gentle sobs as I hold her
So long without love she was in times that were.
Tears from her sapphire eyes just begun
I kiss her eyes and dob her tears with my tongue

Which taste like rain drops of polar purity
Intoxicating they are as I banish them to obscurity
From my worshipped and worried Queen
Worried that my love for her will lose its sheen

Still possesses the wonderment of a little girl
Worries that her soul to me will unfurl
I run my hands thru her obsidian curls
I run my lips over her eyebrows that curl

Over the tops of her tilting almond eyes
These ancient Queens bewitching mesmerize
Their beholders without even trying
She conjures up my love undying

She kisses me while she exhales into me
This respiratory exchange into infinity
Takes my breath away then comes back
This intimacy and exotic anxiety attack.

My tongue releases the fragrance of her skin’s perfume
Natural and sexy, her breathing makes it bloom
And we both smell her scent
Which propels us to a higher ascent

Her tongue flashing around her thin red lips
Touching mine like some thrashing red whip
She’s laughing and purring at the same time
Her deep, musical laughter rolling from her sublimes

“I love you Ath” I whisper to her
For the times that are and times that were.
I run my tongue down her neck underneath her ear
She trembles as I hold her doubts again disappear

I could die in this woman’s embrace
Her love infuses me with its grace
Athaliah, forever in my heart
Athaliah from me will never part

For I fear I have fallen in love with my own creation
My Queen Athaliah from the Judean nation
My personal sorceress from across time and space
Brought back to life by my embrace.

Dave Proffitt
10:50 PM

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