My name is Dave. I don’t know if I should put in my last name or not what with all the cyber criminals running around the electronic pathways these days. I’m 64 years old, and sometimes I feel it. Most times I feel like I’m still 20ish with lots more wisdom now than then. To give you an idea about myself, I have been a mechanic, on both cars, big trucks, and race cars. I love mechanical things, they sort of make more sense to me than a lot of humans I know. I like to fabricate things out of metal. For some reason wooden things don’t like me. Ha ha.

I subscribe to the fact that we as humans aspire to only as much as we are willing to. So I have several interests and I try to read more in the areas I can’t actually and physically participate in. I love astronomy and have read lots of books on the subject. I periodically go outside at night with my star binoculars and look up at the heavens and watch things when it’s not cloudy or raining in my homestate of Oregon.

I like cars, mainly older American muscle cars. I love drag racing and street rods. I like motorcycles and enjoy a leisurly ride on my Harley Nightrain during the summer.

My great dog Zephyr is my constant companion. He’s smarter than some humans I know and more fun too.

I like to write poetry, you know the old fashioned kind that rhymes?  I like to write about life stories and people. I also like to turn my over-active imagination loose and write some fantasy-fiction type of poems. I try to get people to think about themselves and their loved ones. I try to get people to think about past times and events and how they could have done things better. In this way you can improve yourself as a human being and not make repeated mistakes in the future by duplicating the ones made in the past. It was said somewhere that “only a fool continues to make the same mistakes over and over.”  Or something like that.

My writing is not at flaming other people, it’s not mean-sprited it is just an outlet for me and my ideas to share with others who may or maynot subscribe to the things I believe in and see.



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