The Black Air Force

Ravens in the trees and Ravens in the air
Ravens in my yard and Ravens everywhere!
I have no song birds around my house you see
The Ravens and Crows have scared them all away from me.

That’s okay because I love my Black Air Force
They don’t crap in my driveway or nest on my house of course
I love their dark fierceness the red and green highlights
That glints off feathers whooshing from three foot wingspan flights

They have their social hours on the telephone poles and lines
And dine on gourmet dog food I feed them that they find
And Zephyr doesn’t chase them because I told him not to
And he’s also black like them because they may be family too?

I watched a Raven studying a whirly gig in the wind
Watching this yard art spining he became quite chagrinded
He hopped backwards a step or two, cocked his head and stared
From his vantage point studying this machine and wasn’t even scared.

Most song birds IQ’s wont let them see
The spinning yard art, the Raven and me
My dark birds watch me come and go from their high perchs in the trees
Somehow it makes me feel good to see them up there watching me.

So I say to you Godbless my Black Air Force today
Carrying the souls of dear departed to heaven or so they say
My neighbor said to me one day “My God so many crows!”
“Why you have so many here that only God would know.”

And I said “your right God is the only one that knows”
“Why I love these dark birds these Ravens and the Crows.”
These black sheep of the avian world who’s stories go untold
So gentle reader The Black Air Force story you’ve now been told.

Dave Proffitt
11:24 am