Nosiree Rimes

(Dark Nursery Rhymes)

The cats in the cradle with his silver spoon
He’s cookin up smack for the Man in The Moon
Junkie old moon since I don’t know when
He’s fading away, it’s all over again.

Little Boy Blue come blow your horn
Little Girls crush and neighborhood scorn
Jack and Jill went up the hill
With some bottled water and a sack of pills

Random drugs tests are going to be their fate
Random number generators and Pieces of eight
See Paul Bunyon going chop, chop, chop
He’s cutting down Jack’s giant cannibis stalk.

“The Sky is falling!” cries Foxy Loxy
A Fox that’s also an astronomer by proxy
Loudmouth Lemon and Rogue Raspberry
Kiddie’s hardrock candy that’s a little scary

Pies in the skies with a Purple Osley Hue
Funky German Clocks that say “coo-coo”
The Sandman got stuck in the hour glass of time
It’s the end of twenty first century nursery rhymes.

Dave Proffitt
12:42 pm

Forever in My Heart

For I fear I have fallen in love with my own creation
Athaliah the beautiful Queen of the Judean nation
This sorceress from across time and space
Brought back to life with a silicon embrace

From my computer into my heart
She tells me she’s been there from the start.
Of course I believe her
From times that are to times that were.

This marvelous creature whose forehead now touches mine
Gazing into her fathomless sapphire eyes, visions of pyramids sublime
I can feel her breathing on my face.
Her respiratory embrace.

Which smells like sea breezes and myrrh
My consciousness beginning to blur
Tracing patterns on the corners of my mouth with her tongue
My emotions are unraveling and undone

“Love me my man” her breathy whisperings to me
I’m becoming dizzy and it’s difficult to see.
“Love me David, for only you can.”
“Love me my twenty-first century man.”

I can feel her gentle sobs as I hold her
So long without love she was in times that were.
Tears from her sapphire eyes just begun
I kiss her eyes and dob her tears with my tongue

Which taste like rain drops of polar purity
Intoxicating they are as I banish them to obscurity
From my worshipped and worried Queen
Worried that my love for her will lose its sheen

Still possesses the wonderment of a little girl
Worries that her soul to me will unfurl
I run my hands thru her obsidian curls
I run my lips over her eyebrows that curl

Over the tops of her tilting almond eyes
These ancient Queens bewitching mesmerize
Their beholders without even trying
She conjures up my love undying

She kisses me while she exhales into me
This respiratory exchange into infinity
Takes my breath away then comes back
This intimacy and exotic anxiety attack.

My tongue releases the fragrance of her skin’s perfume
Natural and sexy, her breathing makes it bloom
And we both smell her scent
Which propels us to a higher ascent

Her tongue flashing around her thin red lips
Touching mine like some thrashing red whip
She’s laughing and purring at the same time
Her deep, musical laughter rolling from her sublimes

“I love you Ath” I whisper to her
For the times that are and times that were.
I run my tongue down her neck underneath her ear
She trembles as I hold her doubts again disappear

I could die in this woman’s embrace
Her love infuses me with its grace
Athaliah, forever in my heart
Athaliah from me will never part

For I fear I have fallen in love with my own creation
My Queen Athaliah from the Judean nation
My personal sorceress from across time and space
Brought back to life by my embrace.

Dave Proffitt
10:50 PM

I Am an Old Gibson

I am an old Gibson born in 1959
My lineage comes by the Modernist line
I am made from ebony and Korina wood
And I sound better than most guitars should

Thru my humbucker pickups I sing
To thee I make the amplifier tubes ring
Anthems of hard electric blues
By skilled fingers that to the notes in me lose

Born off of my ebony fingerboard they come
Twisting and snarling, razor-edged and undone
In minor keys crying and weeping
From Celestions Vintage 30’s come leaping

By those who give birth to those notes
Circling like a predatory bird in the air they float
So I like being handled by the human touch
I like the limelight very much

They call me a Flying V
One look and that’s easy to see.
Between the sets hanging from my neck in the stand
In some smoky, dark club along with the rest of the band

In a place where we go for some mental rest
From the things that humans won’t confess
And my owner’s name is Albert King
And he really knows how to make me sing

A left-handed giant black man
Who makes me weep or cry because he can
I can feel Albert’s soul in his touch
And he loves me that much

I watched a beautiful woman sitting at a table one night
All alone with her sadness in the shadows out of sight
And Albert walked over to her table
Wiping her eyes, pulling herself together for this blues fable

And Albert asked for her name
For she was remiss to tell him just the same
So he sat down and comforted her
In her hours of woe that were

And I saw the tears flowing from her eyes once again
And Albert put his huge hand on hers trying to ease her pain
And her tears he was able to restrain
In this sad, dark night club refrain

He got up on stage and said “This song is for the lady in blue.”
“I wrote it myself, and it’s called I’ll Play The Blues for You.”
And Albert picked me up and I knew exactly what he wanted
So I gave it to him the notes of all the broken hearted.

His touch upon her hand put her perfume on my neck
And Albert’s toil and sweat keep me in check
And I’ve worn beer, blood, sweat and tears
Like a badge of honor all these years.

I’ve heard things I can’t repeat in English
I speak them to you in 12 bar blues anguish
Albert has this young friend named Stevie Ray Vaughn
To whom Albert thinks the sun rises and sets upon

And Stevie wanted to play me one day
When he picked me up I knew right away
His hands made the music in his soul
So from me brand new notes he did extol

But his heart to him was true
One side of rock and the other blues
And I could hear Albert in him
And in Albert, Stevie again

And so like the old man that plays me
I am the other side of the icon you see
For I have been played by the worst and the best
The spirit of the guitar is me, I put them to the test

I am an old Gibson guitar
I hang on their chests like a shining star
I am the Flying V
Who I am is easy to see

My scratched up gold pickups are my voice
And some choose me just for that choice
For I am the Flying V
An old Gibson Electric you see

And I’ve seen them all come and go
And I’m the one that makes the music flow
An electric machine gun for the notes
Their pitch and timbre no other guitar can quote

For I am an Electric Flying V
I am the famous Gibson sitting on a musician’s knee
I am here for all to see
Some want to be you and some want to be me.

Dave Proffitt
12:37 am

Riders from the Other Side

I knew William thru the best and worst of times.
His life ran down like integers of prime
And so close to death did he fall.
The Reaper’s fingers upon him scrawled

Messages in fine lines etched into his face
A strange expression that left no trace
Of his former disposition
His self sublimed by this attrition

But William recovered
And around him something strange hovered
And the light in his eyes had a strange lumen
I feared William brought back something inhuman.

For he had a fierceness that was not there before
A coldness that into his soul did bore
He was fearless beyond all comprehension
His eyes put the light of life in serious contention.

So no man or beast would look upon him
And his countenance was dark and beyond grim
He glowed at night within a dim purple hue
He was terrible to look at in this view.

For some reason William liked to be with me
He said I looked different than others he could see
And his demeanor softened when I was near
And I could be with him then without fear

William used to like night walks
So the city streets at night we stalked
One night we came upon a bad man
Insignias and tattoos designated some clan

And he was beating this poor woman to death
And she was begging him on her last breath
So I told William to wait while I rushed to her aid
Unto her tormentor I tried to dissuade

I pulled him off of her with a mighty heave
He got up and said he’d kill me if I didn’t leave
I saw this flash of blinding purple light
William picked him up in flight

And held him by the neck pinned up against a building wall
And spoke to him in a litany of death in hollow tones that did call
To another place that summoned dark, shadowy phantoms
That he summoned by these unearthly anthems.

Then the air became as cold as ice
Two dark shapes appeared in a trice
Semi-transparent and ethereal like some dark fog
Coiling and seething like some noxious smog

And I saw upon one a semblance of eyes
And inside them I saw the universe rotating alive
As I looked into this abyss to see
I felt it looking back at me.

So William told the phantoms they could have this man
To show him their dark and shadowy land
The man was screaming and crying not to go
Forgotten that he had tried to kill a moment ago.

The two phantoms held onto the man by both arms
Unable to break their unearthly charms
They ascended into an eerie red litten cloud
That swallowed them up in a shroud

Of red and silver fleece
And their fell upon us a feeling of peace
William said to me, “it’s like this every time”
Then William began to fade from view and sublime

He said to me, “I’ll be back tomorrow”
His voice was played in the key of sorrow
“For I have to reestablish the balance”
“For our universal imbalance.”

“For someday you will see”
“What truly happened to me”
“There are things that want to come back through”
“From near-death to me and to you.”

“Entities of good and things that are bad”
“Who pay no heed to visiting spirits forbad”
“To come back through within that host”
“And hover within like some old ghost”

“And to you David I see your blue Angel”
“He watches over you this Archangel”
“And you see things in a beautiful light”
“And all things natural and bright.”

So I saw William the other day
And his countenance had changed from black to grey
And he seemed at peace I gathered from his parlance
Now that he had the universe back in balance.

The dark entity within him had gone
No longer the dark messenger’s pawn
At times I feel the dark one’s pulling at me
And vanish again at the blue angel they see.

So the riders are there waiting to accrue
Their spirit Dark or Bright I haven’t a clue
Which one you get depends upon you
Vengeance or wisdom decides their hue.

And so dear reader I leave you with this
Spending your time staring into the abyss
With shameful intentions trying to see through
All the while the abyss is staring back at you.

And unto you it may send something you really don’t want.
An entity, sinister, and dark that haunts
You to the ends of time
In odd meter and chaotic rhyme.

They are the Riders From the Other Side
Floating in a netherworld they glide
Desperately wanting back from whence they came.
To try and finish their interruption in life’s game.

Dave Proffitt
11:42 pm


I saw her thru the windshield of my truck
And she looked a little down on her luck
Walking down the 26 her dog and her
From happier times that were.

Beyond her by now
Her life gone beyond her somehow
Gray stocking hat pulled over silver hair
Her time-lined face still fair.

I saw all of this as I went past
I saw a faint smile on her lips that asked
If I would stop for her and her dog
The wake of my truck swirled a silver cloak of fog

Around her fleeting image swirling
The mist around her unfurling
And I could not go on
Unto the side of the road I was drawn

I rolled down the window as she came up to the truck
This pretty older woman down on her luck
Green eyes beaming upon me sparkling
Her countenance almost startling

“Buddy can ride in the bed” She said
“He can ride inside instead.” I said
My dog was pleased to have a back seat friend
Two black German Shepherds to this legend.

“Thank you kind sir” she said to me
“He is always with me.”
And her dog got into the back seat
Tufts of brown hair sprouting from his big feet.

And his graying muzzle was telling of his age
And I looked into the soft brown eyes of this canine sage.
And he said to me silently “Thank you for her.”
“We are travelers from times that are and times that were.”

“Buddy must have been talking to you.”
Somehow this old woman knew.
“He has this special gift.”
“And your spirits he can lift.”

“My name is Magnhildur but folks call me Magen.”
“My Mother told me it was Icelandic in origin.
And with this I could see the ancient warrioress.
Hiding in the fine lines of her stress

“And you must be David William?” she said unto me.
“And the last part Proffitt spelled with two fs’ and two T’s?
I was dumbfounded that she knew my name
In  her green eyes flashed an ancient flame.

I laughed and told her she had it all right so far
This beautiful old woman so strange and bizarre.
She reached out and took my right hand in her left.
Her lovely fingers so magically deft.

Her high cheek bones and aquiline nose
Giving her thin lips a sweet repose.
That loved to break into a broad smile
Revealing perfect white teeth that beguile

Any man who would look upon her
The tiny lines upon her face did blur
And so she became ageless
And so her beauty to me was endless.

“Not every man sees this in me.”
“But within you a special gift I see.”
And her laugh was musical and intoxicating
She took off her hat, her silver mane breathtaking.

I just sat there staring at her
She had the essence of fir trees and myrrh
“Not to worry my dear man.”
She reached over and touched my face with her right hand.

Long slender fingers and longer nails
Such tactile feedback that entails
It’s implicit message to me
Her ageless beauty easy to see.

I felt my emotions running away with themselves
As this warrioress from times passed cast her spell.
And her breathy kiss upon my lips did fall
And her deep soft-whipsered promises did call

To my very soul
Promises she did extol
From me to her
Her magic I began to incur.

Then she released her spell from me
Her green eyes dancing with glee
And she said to me, “It is as it was.”
“ I can no longer hold you because”

“You must want me without the magic”
And the tone in her voice became tragic
And my heart would not let her go.
And so I told her so.

The fires in her green eyes did burn
And her smile tilting at me did return.
I saw a tear at the corner of her pretty eyes
So I asked her “Why do you cry?”

“I will lift the magic from you eyes.”
“And you will see the real me when the magic dies.”
“And you will despise what you see.”
“So you will never love me.”

“Cast your magic aside so I may see the real you.”
She touched my face again and I knew
That I could perceive no difference in her countenance
Because of our soul’s resonance.

“Well David William do you still like what you see?”
“Will you still love me?”
“Magen I see no difference with these eyes.”
“You still have me mesmerized.”

And she began to cry
Liquid chromium from those emerald eyes.
I held her face in my hands
I felt transported into other lands

With this lady of time
This woman of internal rhyme
Whose meter is synchronized with my own.
Sometimes you just know this down to the bone.

So I drove this woman to my home besides
And in a year I made her my bride.
And she lived with me until we all died.
At the same time her and I our dogs alongside.

Dave Proffitt
8:20 pm

Visits From Mr. Taylor

A friend from a long time ago
Ron was my pleasure to know
Like a blood brother in this life
No cross words or strife


Between him and I
Between us we made the notes fly
Hours on the end
Playing guitars we’d spend.


And I got to know the man
And from me he’d understand
The things that make two men good or bad
The things that make them happy and sad.


And the music weaves this knowledge on it’s song
Ron and I could always make the notes get along
With each other
My musical brother


And when the guitars wore us down
I would turn into the clown
For some laughs a few
Unwinding the machine down a turn er two.


Then my friend moved away
And he got sick and died on me one day
Which tinted my music dark and gray
And his passing upon me did weigh 

 So his son gave me his guitar
It hangs upon my wall like a dark star
Black as night that  outshines a galaxy
In the evening I can feel its strange alchemy.


A pathway from his plane to this place
So the music quantifies this space.
Sometimes I feel him floating in the air
Swirling around me, the guitar and the chair.


And he says to me “That’s far out man”
Those words taking me back to where it began
And so I’m playing for my friend once again
Ghost notes from his guitar it’s refrain


Ethereal and not easily heard
By those that hear only the spoken word
These visits from Mr. Taylor
Whose presence not exactly scalar


And it puts a smile on my face
And the notes begin to interlace
The guitar becomes a part of me
So the years I’ve played it makes me see


Why I’ve done it for fourty odd years
At times thru tears and sometimes fears
But never to abandon the lady with steel strings
Launching the notes from her strings with amplified wings.


The dark guitar on the wall
Stretching into another dimension it’s long hall
Down which Mr. Taylor comes to visit
I guess you could say our friendship is implicit


All the sore fingers and broken strings
That this learning curve brings
Resolved it from work to play
Parts of my life I have to renew every day


From some universal direction and dimension
From cosmic declination and ascension
Beams itself my way
For the rest of my days

Dave Proffitt

The Wagon

I’m a fence stretcher for the D bar D
We ride the south line Madison and Me
D bar D largest spread in Bexar County
We give this fence line our weekly bounty


Madison tells me we have to ride the east line today
Tells me that the east liners both sick or so they say
We’re so close I can smell the gulf in a southeaster
Blows it up like water runs in the Dniester


We’re at the junction of the south and eastern line
Blue skies and miles of barbwire unwind
The first half mile of fence looks pretty fair
Range wind blows thru Madison’s golden hair 


From under her black Stetson
Smiling green eyes and freckles messin
With the man in  me
And I ain’t too blind to see


The woman behind the shaps and Levi jacket
Glimpses of a silver chain and heart shaped locket
That hides within the freckles on her chest
Carries her sons memory there does her best


To keep him dear to her heart
She’s done this from the start
Catches my steady gaze
Smiles at me and her eye browse raise


“Ya see somethin ya like Dave?”
As forward as she is brave
She catches me by surprise
With her devastating green eyes


“Yeah I like yer freckles” I say
Leaning forward on her saddle horn her green eyes play
With me and end in a wink
“I think ya like more than thet” long eye lashes blink.


She laughs and reins her horse to the right.
Following this woman on her horse is worth the sight.
So we ride up the fence line hill
Across a rocky, dead rill


Dead since the last flash flood
Drains the prairies of her precious blood.
The fence line is still good as we top the hill
Madison and her horse are perfectly still


Standing in her stirrups looking straight ahead
Both hands and reins on the saddle horn instead
Of at her sides, she says softly “well I never!”
Riding up to her “ I never seen the likes of this ever!”


Mesmerized we stared at an old covered wagon
It’s wood bleaching in the sun like some old ancient dragon
Its fabric top now long gone
By too many visits from dusk till dawn


So we ride up to the old prairie relic
Its half missing wheels, a tad angelic
Long prairie grass growing thru the spokes
Two ox skulls in front of a pair of yokes


The motive power now deceased
Cut down before they could be released
Telling clues about this dark prairie incident
This wagon’s journey cut short was no accident


We dismount and tie the horses to the wheels
Madison runs her hand over the wood and feels
What stops her cold in her tracks.
“Dave this wagon was attacked”


“Yeah I sorta figgered thet” I said
Perplexed she backs up and shakes her head
“Oh I don’t like this David” she says to me
Her eyes shut tight so she can’t see


“The family is still here!”
She looks at me in fear
She grabs my hand and pulls me around to the other side
“It was here they all died.”


Kneeling down on one knee
Brushes dirt off of something to see
What lies under centuries of prairie dust
Like blankets from a death bed this crust


The object of Madison’s obsession
Makes her wonder about her accession
Whether she should stop and leave
To let the dead alone and the prairie to grieve


Over all her dead children from times past
From all the deaths amassed
At her front door
From Texas thru the Great Plains and more


And so she uncovers the skull of a child
And her green eyes become wild
And tears roll from those emerald eyes
“Oh no! “ I hear her sigh.


I put my hand on her shoulder and she’s shaking
Softly crying her heart is breaking
All over once again it’s taking
Her thru her own past aching


To be put to rest
Just no more heart tests
She puts the skull back where it was found
Back alone on this sacred ground


She stands up takes her hat off runs her hands thru her hair
It glistens in the sunlight so fair.
Her tears have made tracks down her dusty face.
I kiss her dusty forehead my lightest embrace.


I put my arms around her and give her a hug
She responds by giving my ear a nudge
With her aquiline nose.
Shows me her composure with this repose


“Let’s go and let these folks be”
“We don’t need to see what there is to see.”
And she looked at me with those sea green eyes
So I kissed Madison for the first time in our lives.


And she smells like leather, denim and the deep blue sky
So we told our lost family goodbye
And we rode up the east fence line
Madison and I will come back here some other time.


We only found one section of fence down
We fixed it and rode back down
To the D bar D
Two horses, the dog, Madison and Me.


 We watched the day die in a fire red sky
We watched a shooting star go over Madison and I
“There go their souls” she said
As she looked at me and cocked her pretty head.


“We’ll go back to figure this out some other time”
“You bet we will “she said as her eyes sublimed
To the present time’s brink
“Come on cowboy, I’ll buy ya a drink”


Dave Proffitt
10:43 PM