Nosiree Rimes

(Dark Nursery Rhymes)

The cats in the cradle with his silver spoon
He’s cookin up smack for the Man in The Moon
Junkie old moon since I don’t know when
He’s fading away, it’s all over again.

Little Boy Blue come blow your horn
Little Girls crush and neighborhood scorn
Jack and Jill went up the hill
With some bottled water and a sack of pills

Random drugs tests are going to be their fate
Random number generators and Pieces of eight
See Paul Bunyon going chop, chop, chop
He’s cutting down Jack’s giant cannibis stalk.

“The Sky is falling!” cries Foxy Loxy
A Fox that’s also an astronomer by proxy
Loudmouth Lemon and Rogue Raspberry
Kiddie’s hardrock candy that’s a little scary

Pies in the skies with a Purple Osley Hue
Funky German Clocks that say “coo-coo”
The Sandman got stuck in the hour glass of time
It’s the end of twenty first century nursery rhymes.

Dave Proffitt
12:42 pm